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The Care Manager

Marilyn Waters, Oakley Care Home, Seeton kindly provided a snippet of her day as the Care Manager of a busy home.

It is my responsibility to ensure that the Care Home runs smoothly from a financial, staffing and residential care perspective. This means there is a lot to fit into the day!

My morning begins by finding out which staff have not turned up for work, and calling round to arrange stand-ins. Once that's been sorted, I look through the notes from the day before – things that have broken, people who need to see me, appointments for the day etc.

After this, I always take a walk around the Care Home and see how everyone's doing. I think it's important that the Care Staff know I am there for them, and the residents see me taking care of that. I'll have a wee natter with the residents and listen to anything they have to say to me. Generally this is breakfast time, so it's a lovely time of the morning.

When potential clients come in to see me, it's important they can get a good feel for how the care home works. For this reason, I encourage potential clients to come in when they like, so that they can see what happens in the care home at any given time. Everyone has similar concerns – is there enough to do? Are the staff nice? Will I be heard? I aim to alleviate all the concerns that people have by showing, rather than telling. Clients will feel at ease when see the staff are friendly and relaxed, when they see everyone getting ready for trips out, or in-house activities. And especially, clients relax when they see that other residents seem perfectly contented.

Everything else is very similar to anyone else running a business, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is a people business – my residents expect a high level of care, and that is what I provide. Otherwise I wouldn't be here!

The Care Assistant

The Domestic Worker

The Activities Organiser