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Preventing Injury in the Elderly

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Preventing Injury in the Elderly
Preventing Injury
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bandageHow To Prevent Falls and Fractures in the Older Adult

A fall can be the beginning of a downward spiral for an older adult. A bone fracture in an older person often requires hospitalization and rehabilitation which may make the person vulnerable to pneumonia and other illnesses. We have all had clients who have had a serious fracture and were not able to come home again. This issue is dedicated to preventing falls and fractures.

What Causes Falling?

The aging process results in changes in eyesight, hearing, muscle strength and reflexes, as well as reaction time. All of these sensory and physical changes can contribute to an increase in falling.

There are also medical conditions that contribute to a loss of balance, most notably diabetes and vascular conditions which result in a loss of feeling or numbness in legs or feet. Heart and blood pressure issues can result in dizziness and fainting. Certain neurological diseases that affect gait and balance such as Parkinson's can increase falling. Poor posture due to osteoporosis, diseases of the nervous system or inactivity also increases the likelihood of falls. In addition, multiple medications may interact to cause dizziness or balance issues.

The aging process and its accompanying conditions and treatments make the older adult vulnerable to falling. Falls are generally the result of multiple factors such as medical conditions and environmental impediments.

How to Prevent Falls and Fractures...