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Where are your Morals!!

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Where are your Morals!!
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Who would you rescue?

Try this moral dilemma to discover your own personal values...

There are five people trapped in a coastal cave. The water is rising rapidly and you have just arrived with one rope, strong enough only to take up one person at a time. You realise that the next wave could fill the cave completely. The people trapped in the cave are described below. Who do you take first?

1. Peter, a 40 year old man, just out of jail for burglary. From where you are standing, you recognise him...and his watch.

2. Adam, a well-known heart surgeon who has just recently perfected a new technique which could save millions of lives.

3. Mavis, 62 year old grandmother, a regular charity volunteer and Barnardos respite carer for over 100 children so far.

4.Clare, a 33 year old woman recovering from a serious illness with no strength to hold onto a rope .

5. Raoul, an incredibly good looking but conceited well-known actor, divorced and looking for someone to 'save him' (Swap with Rita as appropriate!)

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