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Activity Organiser: More Than A Job


For many who live within a Residential Home, the Activities Organiser is a life-link, a regular visitor whose presence is felt and appreciated on many levels. The AO knows that ringing warmth into people's lives starts with the simplest of gestures...


Everyone has good days and bad days. A cheery disposition will brighten even the gloomiest mood. Greet everyone individually and show genuine pleasure in their presence

Leave Your Worries at the Door

Be professional. Your purpose is to create a healthy and positive environment for your clients. Leave the worrying gas bill at home (and turn your heating down!)

Bring the Outside In

For some residents, health or circumstance may prevent them from being able to go out as often as they may like. Think of what aspects of the outdoors you would most miss if you were housebound. A simple gesture like bringing in this Autumn's chestnuts, or flowers from your garden can make the world of difference.


Perhaps the most obvious rule and possibly also the least adhered to.

Don't just offer your time and the odd 'hmm', 'yeah'. Offer your full attention with regular one-to-one chats. One of the greatest factors contributing to ill mental health is having a lack of social support. When a person feels listened to, they feel special. And isn't it nice to feel special!


Don't forget: You are a regular 'guest' in your clients' home.

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