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What's In Your Cupboard?

Whilst many AO's have the luxury of choice between craft items, board games, sensory gadgets, etc., others may be blowing the dust from a 1978 jigsaw puzzle of a farm scene (two pieces missing)...

Stocking the activities area is not a job to be sniffed at. There are only so many replays of "Daniel O'Donnell - on tour" that a healthy mind can take! Good organisation will also mean smooth transitions between AO's if the event arises. Take a little time in the beginning, and save time and money in the long run. Need a plan? Well, true to form, here's one we prepared earlier...(aren't we organised:)

  1. Order some catalogues from UK Craft and Game Supplies companies.
  2. Discuss with your AO the types of activities that he/she would like to be able to offer your clients, then have a list drawn up of items required for each category
  3. Set a realistic budget, and order, taking into account the number of residents who are likely to take part in the activity.
  4. Have the AO draw up an inventory of all items within each category. Each time something is used up, it should be deleted from the inventory with a signature. This will help the AO to stay on top of what is needed, what is not used so often, and when to re-order items. (This also prevents items going astray)
  5. Broken or incomplete items should be noted and if irreperable, discarded. (Goodbye 1978 farmyard puzzle).

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