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The Role of Activities Organiser

The role of Activities Organiser can be a stressful one, constantly coming up with new ideas to provide meaningful activity to variety of people, each day.

That's the key word – meaningful. What's meaningful to one person might mean nothing to another. And then there's providing activities which do not undermine the intellect – and in the case of dementia patients - residual abilities - of your residents. That, when faced with a group of lovelies with varying degrees of interest and ability may be quite daunting; but it needn't be.

What is Meaningful Activity?

An activity can only be described as meaningful to a person if it holds some meaning to him or her. Sounds logical, I know, but it is very common for new activities organisers to see part of their job as proving their worth to the Care Manager by 'showing' what they've done. Hence, many arts and crafts act as showpieces, with cards, wallpieces and bits of colourful paper adorning walls and cabinets. Whilst many may enjoy these activities (and many do!) it's important to get to know your clients well to find out what would constitute a valuable use of their time in their eyes. Here's a list of some I found, whilst getting to know my residents. Hold your judgement!

Shoe Polishing

A former sergeant who no longer went outside, wore slippers every day until he was to attend a funeral. I left the shoe kit on the table as I went to get some newspaper, and found on my return, a busy man, happily brushing and polishing away. He told me about his incredible feats in the army as he did so, full of pride. This became a regular one-to-one activity for us.


Having pride in your own home requires a certain amount of maintenance and chores, and this is no different within the care home. Tidying and dusting a home can give a resident a sense of ownership, instead of simply being catered for 24/7. Of course, this will not suit everyone (I imagine it's the last thing I'd ever want to do!) but you will get to know who may view this as a meaningful activity.

Watering Plants

For residents who have left gardens behind, this is an incredibly important activity, demanding a certain amount of commitment and responsibility. Baking Again, residents who may have spent years cooking or baking for family may feel that a large part of their life is missing when entering a care home. Providing baking activities can be a real pick-me-up. These are only a few, but I hope you can see the pattern.

Meaningful activity is usually something which brings a sense of achievement or self value to the fore and these are often the very things which residents did on a daily basis when they were more independent. Doing the tasks that are associated with independence can help to rekindle a sense of self-value and confidence.

Your job is important!

Your role is key to providing a well rounded care programme within the Care Home. There are many residents who will not often receive visitors, and you will be the constant in their lives, providing a life-link and good emotional support. You are an important asset to the Care Home!

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