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Alzheimers Disease- Early Stages

Dementia - early stage

Early stage dementia is often quite difficult to spot, seeing as the symptoms are so often mistaken for age-related memory loss. If you notice a marked increase in the following symptoms over a period of time, it would be wise to suggest a check-up at the doctors who will be able to measure memory loss more accurately.

Early-stage Alzheimer's can be diagnosed in some, but not all, individuals with these symptoms

  • Friends, family or co-workers begin to notice deficiencies. Problems with memory or concentration may be measurable in clinical testing or discernible during a detailed medical interview. Common difficulties include:
  • Word- or name-finding problems noticeable to family or close associates
  • Decreased ability to remember names when introduced to new people
  • Performance issues in social or work settings noticeable to family, friends or co-workers
  • Reading a passage and retaining little material
  • Losing or misplacing a valuable object
  • Decline in ability to plan or organize


Mid Stage Dementia

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