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About Us


InCare Active was established as a response to the need for a more holistic approach to working and living in the Care Home setting.

That is, an approach which takes into account not just physical care, but those things which make living enjoyable and fulfilling.

It is a challenge; many aspects of care are deeply entrenched in the medical model, seeing residents as subjects of care, who fall into particular categories of ability, illness or level of need.

However, it is also an exciting time, as awareness grows of the need for a positive paradigm shift within the elderly care sector.

Happier staff means happier residents.

By encouraging Care Home employees and managers to draw upon the unique strengths and talents of their coworkers, new ways can be found to create a better place in which to live and work.

Our seminars are based upon research into creativity, ageing and stimulation, positive thought, working environments and stressors - in fact, any areas which provide insight into creating a better lifestyle within the care setting.

The first step towards better care starts with caring.

Simple, perhaps, but true. Our elders are valuable members of our community with a lifetime of experience and contribution. Through giving, we feel valued and valuable. Good care should involve ways of helping people to build reciprocal relationships where everyone feels valued.

Our journey through life should not end at the care home door.

Whether you are a care manager, a care employee, a relative or friend, you can make a real difference. The care home should be an extension of 'home', a place where residents feel safe, relaxed, supported, but just as importantly, listened to and respected.

If you would like more information on our community initiatives, and how you can become involved, please contact us. We are there to help.

Susan Grasekamp
InCare Active



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