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InCare Active provides a wealth of information and resources about Elderly Care, Care Homes and Elderly issues for Care Staff, family and friends alike.

We also provide Workshops and Seminars for Care Staff. Our aim is to cultivate a positive and productive Care Home environment through education and information.

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A Word from the Wise...

The young can learn so much from those who have 'been there, done that', and many US Care Homes have a healthy approach to bringing the young and elderly together...

It is common to find a swing park within the grounds of an elderly care home in America. These are not so much for the young at heart residents as the many children who come to visit their relatives. Indeed, there are many community initiatives which encourage members of all ages to converge and share stories over a donut and a decaf coffee.

These intergenerational initiatives - as they are called - help bring back the community spirit which is often so lacking in our culture today.

We are all on a journey from childhood to 'seniorhood', yet there is a tendency to categorise people by their age, as each younger group refutes the notion that its elders share any common ground with them. However, it takes little insight to recognise that those most likely to have 'been there' have the least access to the community for whom their experiences could be valuable.

In a world of computer games, shortcuts and immediate gratification, children can have a very transient view of life. The traditional values of decency, hard work and respect upon which society was built are thin on the ground and often delegated to school outings to museums. Interesting though they may be, they rarely leave a trace of inspiration which children take with them.

Yet our elders have stories that would curl your toes or melt your heart. From an age when life was more visceral, happiness, a precious commodity; sadness, a feeling to be dealt with, our older generation had a tighter grip on life . It's not hard to see the value in their experiences.

By opening the care home doors, we can fill the lives of our elders with children's laughter, shared stories, and most importantly a sense of value. We play a vital role in enabling residents to once again feel part of the community they themselves helped to establish.


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